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Beautiful Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 360 Degrees - 360 Photography (Google Trusted Photographer)

Beautiful Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 360 Degrees - 360 Photography (Google Trusted Photographer)

Introduction & Google Maps

I have been shooting photospheres (pictures that rotate 360 degrees left and right, and 180 degrees up and down) for the Google Street View app since 2016 05 28. I will not go into any further technical explanation as the focus of this blog is to expose the beauty of the City of Edmonton through 360 photography. But I also use the Google Maps app to view my summarized analytics, like views per photo.

I have shot 1,408 photospheres, resulting in 1,067,708 over-all views (758 views / photosphere) - The actual view count is actually higher but the views have not updated since 2016 08 11. And of all those 1,408 photospheres I have painstakingly chosen the top 15 photospheres of Edmonton to feature on my blog. I have also created a Google Photo Album of my top 89 photospheres of Edmonton provided in a link within this blog.

I have since become a Trusted Google Photographer and pursue this passion as a volunteer, adding photospheres to the Google Maps that the Google Car (Google's car that drives on the roads with a mounted 360 camera) can't shoot from the roads. I focus on the parks of Edmonton which receive little to no exposure.

My voluntary mission is to provide a window within Google Maps so people can see the hidden beauty and beautiful parks of Edmonton without having to go there. It is just one of my many ways of giving back to the world - and I spend many hours working very hard at it.

For those who are Google Local Guides, here are my statistics. I am a Level 5 Local Guide with 549 points.

 (1,408 photos - 1,067,708 views - level 5 - 549 points)

(Frank & Etta Wilde Park my most viewed photosphere with 390,956 views)

(Parts of Edmonton I have shot for Google Maps)

 For those who would like to see my complete work for Google Maps, the following link will take you to my Google Maps profile. 

Beautiful Edmonton in 360 Degrees - 360 Photos of Edmonton

Note: using your mouse place your cursor on the image, left click and hold than simply move your mouse to rotate the picture. 

The top 89 photos out of 1,408 pictures (Link below)

 The top 15 photos out of 1,408 pictures browse below

1. Groat Road Bridge
2016 08 17

Click To View Larger Image

2. Spot 1 Footbridge
2016 08 15

Click To View Larger Image

3. West Edmonton Mall
2016 08 07

Click To View Larger Image

4. Downtown
2016 08 06

Click To View Larger Image

5. Downtown
2016 08 06

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6. Legislature Grounds
2016 08 06

Click To View Larger Image

7. Legislature Grounds
2016 08 06

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8. Legislature Grounds
2016 08 06

Click To View Larger Image

9. William Hawrelak Park
2016 07 21

Click To View Larger Image

10. Beaumaris Lake
2016 07 21

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11. 97 Street & 128 Avenue
2016 07 19

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12. Patricia Lake
2016 07 19

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13. North Saskatchewan River
2016 07 12

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14. Tiger Goldstick park
2016 06 16

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Tiger Goldstick Park
2016 06 16

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Thank-you for your interest in my photography, Darryl Learie

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The ramblings of a confused moral conscience

The ramblings of a confused moral conscience

It would seem that we were born into this world with no choice. We did not ask to be born, nor did we ask for the circumstances we were born into. Some will be blessed from birth and others will be cursed from birth. Unless there is some divinely inspired purpose for this, the reality is absolutely unfair and unreasonable.

  However, some time after we are born into this world we inherit a moral responsibility to others in this world. And that moral responsibility is not to further harm others by our actions or lack of..

  Every individual born is equally important because every individual is self-aware, continually thinking, and personally experiencing real emotions and physical sensations. Furthermore, the extent of pleasure or pain that can be felt (emotionally or physically) by any individual seems to be not only profound but beyond comprehension.

  Self-awareness alone (or consciousness) is the greatest phenomenon that exists in the known Universe - it is only paralleled by the phenomenon of the Big Bang (The very beginning of space-time, and existence). The true miracle of life is that the Universe itself has become self-aware, and has done so through every individual born.  

  We must respect this experience of being truly alive in others because it is also our own experience. Not only that but we all have the very same psychological and physical needs. This is my initial argument for empathy.

  Why should we be careful not to cause pain and suffering to others? Because we all share in the same reality, we all experience the same paradigm. Like the Golden Rule illustrates, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." We live in a world of cause and effect, every action on our part has a potential consequence affecting the very well being of others. It is logical not to inflict pain and suffering on another because we do not desire the same for ourselves.

  When we intentionally or unintentionally harm another we have no control over just how much pain and suffering we have caused that individual. And at the fear of being redundant, the extent of pain and suffering that individual can experience can be so severe - it can be beyond what we can imagine or comprehend. It personally amazes me just how much pain a person can feel.

  Every human being has earned their right to exist. Every human being is the product of genetic material that has survived despite the deaths of many previous generations of life not selected by the process of billions of years of evolution. To go even further, the odds of you being you and not somebody else is astronomical. It requires the right sperm out of millions exchanging DNA with the right egg out of tens of thousands every time across thousands of generations of the right people.

  We as individuals are inherently valuable. But we must seriously consider if our presence is an asset or a liability to others who make up society. Is society as a whole benefiting from our existence? Of course if we go around causing others to suffer than society would not deem us as valued members of society.

  How do we know if we are good people? This is a question that continually concerns and haunts me - how do I know if I'm a good person? How do I know if my life has had a positive net affect on society as a whole?

  Am I truly a good person if I am kind to strangers, but hurtful to someone in my family, one of my friends, or even an ex-girlfriend? Have I out of ignorance hurt people in the past? Have I posted something on-line that has negatively affected others? Is my ideology, and what I believe constructive or destructive to society? Am I merely a product of my environment, and if I was, was that environment conducive to learning to becoming a good person? Is my psychopathology destructive towards others? Could I be a bad person and not know it?

  Another reason it is so critical that we do not cause harm to others is because every person has the potential to greatly benefit others in society. Therefore it is important that others be allowed to mature, and develop in the most supportive, and nurturing environment possible. To negatively affect one's psychological development could potentially have severe implications for society as a whole.

  That is to say, if we hurt one person it could inadvertently result in hurting other people we are unaware of. Because of the relationships that person has with other people and how they interact with those other people when they're hurt.

  How do we effectively measure the gravity of our actions on others? How much impact do our words truly have on others, and how far reaching are those words? How has our lives shaped future generations yet to be born?

  Society is a bee-hive, we as individuals do not survive very well on our own without support from others. Society does not work efficiently unless enough individuals fulfill a specific niche (a purpose) that can benefit the hive as a whole.

  Society requires different people of various skills, strengths, aptitudes, and personalities to appropriately achieve all the roles that need to be fulfilled for society to work. Of course these roles can take the form of jobs and volunteering efforts. That is why every person is so potentially important.

  Every person despite their socioeconomic status has something valuable to offer others; like a purposeful and meaningful friendship and/or relationship.
  But there are those who like parasites do what they wish at the expense of others. They cripple the very people they benefit from by their selfishness, ego and greed. Some are bullies, some are thieves, and others  simply use people for their own gain.

   Einstein said,"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile," and Socrates said,"The unexamined life is not worth living."

   What Einstein means is that the only way our life can be truly worthwhile (or have value) is if we have in some way benefited others in our life. In other words having a purpose that results in a better quality of life for others makes our own lives worthwhile.

  Socrates goes as far as saying, if you have not even taken the time to examine your own life - than your life is not worth living.







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Dignity and Respect (An Anti-Bullying Speech)


It was his destiny to be born hundreds of generations down the line of life from Adam and Eve. Born one thousand, nine hundred and seventy‑three years after the birth of Christ himself. On the event of his birth, the three wise men were not there to bring precious gifts. But God himself still saw promise in this spark of life.

At the age of ten he would calmly stand in the house of his grandparents as it was slowly being torn apart from a fierce hurricane, reassuring everyone "it will be alright". He would stand witness to his mother speak of suicide. Haunted by such news he would repeatedly tell her "please, don’t do it”. He had an unlimited curiosity about the world around him. Indulging in his natural curiosity he spent his time excitedly taking apart t.v’s, radios, vcr's and some of his own toys to see how they worked.

Soon he learned of great leaders who changed the world and started from humble beginnings. Realizing that even he could, if he really wanted to, carry great potential. Rather bored by school itself, he would spend his day dreaming of how one day he would change the world in some awesome, profound way.

Unfortunately, the French revolution, the multiplication table, conjunctions and adjectives, just did not fall into his great plan to conquer all evils of the world. As a result his marks fell dangerously low, prompting his father to ingrain the belief in him that, "if you're not successful in school, you’ll never be successful in life".

Throughout his school life he would be going to many different schools across the country. Always being forced into the eerie situation of negotiating a new set of friends. Always being the new kid.

Soon after he turned sixteen his parents were finalizing a devastating divorce Consequently his mother promised him that his high school years would be in the country and that they would no longer move.

He greatly anticipated his high school life, remembering stories of d friends, have a good time and get good marks. Maybe even move onto college or even university. All of his life's potential seemed to rest on these last three years of high school life. This was his chance to be truly successful just as his father had ingrained in his mind.

Fate would very soon turn a very ugly face to him, for his inhibitions would do him no favors. Even though he was most motivated to make a legend out of his life. He was quiet, shy, easily intimidated and had a slight fear of large crowds.

And so on September First, nineteen ninety‑one his ugly fate quickly unfolded. He went on to do as he always had done, try to negotiate a new set of friends. Although he sensed something quite odd. It seemed that every time he tried to introduce himself, people seemed cold and uninterested. He thought to himself "there's over a thousand people in this school, is it possible that I have nothing in common with anyone?”And weeks started going by and there he was still alone with no friends. He had started feeling quite concerned. This had never happened to him before.

The situation only perpetuated itself, in the course of his classes the teacher would often say,” okay everyone split into groups”. And so the class would split into groups of three or four and often he would be left standing alone, faced with the embarrassment of being intentionally singled out.

He would in the course of his humility only hope the teacher would quickly assign him to any group to end his discomfort at the situation. But time and time again, history would repeat itself.

Every time the frightening words came,” okay split into groups”. There He would be once again standing by himself. His heart pounding hard, sweating and an uncontrollable blush that would cover his face with a bright red complextion.At times he tried to anticipate his move asking, "can I join your group?”But the words replied were usually quite harsh, "I don't want that goof in my group”

As months slowly dragged by he developed a fearful complex. He prayed every day to God before school, that in all of his classes in the day the teacher won't ask the class to split into groups.

The lunch bell ringing always brought a sense of relief to his worries at least for an hour. Too many times he found himself eating alone in the lunch room. So he would walk around asking others,” do you mind if I eat here?”The common reply would be "no, my friend is sitting here ", then they would laugh. He did find a group of people that didn't reject him at the lunch room table they just ignored him. And to him that was a better trade‑off.

So for the most part he would go to the library and read books. He noticed the library had chess games. He would set up the chess board and invite people to play against him. His hopes were that he could stir up a conversation throughout the game and maybe make a friend. He did manage to make two friends unfortunately neither was in his grade so it had no effect on his overall status.

His social situation still looked quite dreadful. He kept trying to build friendships with others over chess but as it would seem that he would make another friend, others would approach that person to deter them with throbbing statements like,” don’t hang with him, he’s a nerd nobody likes him "

It was severely disturbing to him that other people would almost anything to deter others from being his friend.

"These are my high school years they are supposed to be my best years”. This ideal he so much anticipated was smashed, obliterated utterly destroyed beyond comprehension.

The utter ugliness of the situation was only reinforced as people would approach him in the halls to remind him of his lowly status,” nerd, goof, faggot, loser “, and whatever other harsh label they put on him.

They even went to the extreme of spreading ridiculous rumors about him and constantly threatening him.

He found himself with no choice but to accept his ugly reality,” nobody likes me ".He realized that he was, what nobody wanted to be, 'the social outcast’.

He tried to escape his painful reality by skipping school and taking up dancing. Hip Hop and Break d thrilling thing a person could do, he thought.

Skipping school and working on dance moves soon became a habit in itself. This became a way of life to him but the situation only worsened. On the days when he did catch the school bus to go to school he would take his seat for the forty‑minute ride. The other people on the bus took the opportunity of throwing things at him, pennies, pencils, books and sometimes they would even spit on him. The pressure was building and because of all the school he had skipped his marks were dangerously low.

When school finished for the day he would be at home contemplating his pathetic existence, to take his mind off it since it was becoming unbearable he started doing push‑ups.

And so after school he would faithfully do his push‑ups in whatever sets he could handle. And of course practicing his dancing. Now his only pleasure was his push‑ups, wich he was getting better at, and his dancing.

Just after his eighteenth birthday he started going to night clubs to dance, this gave rise to a most ugly dilemma. Now he had his mother and the school authorities who insisted he did not miss school to deal with, and if he went to school he would have to deal with the students who worked at their popularity at his expense, making fun and jokes about him was the new fad.

After almost two years of this horrid situation he made his decision,” not to attend school, until they put him into another school”. For there seemed to be no resolution to his problem, at this point whenever he stuck up for himself, the threats against him only got worse.

But this was not the end of his efforts for in the last months he danced in school, sometimes he even went to school dances but was always laughed at and mocked. At one time he even asked a newly formed dance crew at school if he could join and was rejected with "you're a loser".

His last efforts did not end there for he had quite a natural gift for drawing. In exhibiting his gift for drawing to win people's approval they often seemed jealous and accused him of paying others to have drawn it for him.

Fortunately they did transfer him to another school where to his benefit there were only two months until summer. Though not enough time for history to repeat itself.

So as summer kicked in he became convinced in every which way that no matter how true to himself he was, nobody would like him. It was his reality that people did not like who he was as a person. I mean let's consider, day after day, week after week, month after month, people went out of their way to tell him,” you’re a loser, you’re a nerd, you’re a goof”.

So he contemplated his future where he would always be pushed around or stepped on and of course single all of his life. He did not want that kind of life so he decided maybe he could win people's approval by being really good at something.

His‑first obsession was his push‑ups. He kept track and started breaking all sorts of obscure push‑up records. Night after night he would try to do more than he did the night before. When he went dancing at the night clubs he would practice his moves over and over. Constantly asking other good dancers,” how do you do that?”

However to his dismay he had no talent for dancing and absolutely no rhythm. And yet his easy going humbled nature and his passionate love for dance aroused an enthusiastic approval from those in the night clubs. This new‑found approval stirred feelings within him. He decided that he would not live up to this negative image given to him in school. He would not be the wimpy, goofy nerd that he was unjustly labeled as. So he religiously practiced his dancing, and did what ever he could to build friendships with other good dancers. And every time he danced he would ask others "did I do good?”But his progress in dancing was quite slow.

After some time the real world showed him more affection than he ever had in school. Out of this and his new‑found approval grew within him a certain kind of anguish towards his past in school.

He started to look for opportunities to show those from his past that he was not a wimpy goofy nerd. His so‑called potential and enthusiasm granted him this opportunity.

He joined an inner city dance crew "The Magoo Crew”. The leader "Mr. Magoo” believed he had potential. In a short time now being "Dancer Magoo" he danced with the others on a first‑time television show,” Dance TV”. In that occasion he felt exhilarated dancing on Channel 1O.And helping his crew bring home second place in a hip hop, rap contest.

Even though he only had five minutes of fame, he thought it was absolutely the sweetest revenge one could have.

After some time his name was mentioned in a newspaper article about The Magoo Crew. This time as “Nine Nine Nine Magoo”. Not to mention a group picture of The Magoo Crew appeared in the Edmonton Journal.

And by no means was he even the best dancer but it was sweet. And to top it off he even got to be the Edmonton Sunshine Boy.

But he still kept at his push‑ups and started writing letters to Guinness. He figured if his name was in the book of world records that would be awesome revenge.

He wrote dozens of letters, with no replies until one day. Charles Servizio, who did 46,001 push‑ups in a single day, wrote him a letter.

Servizio said he was touched by the letter he received which was about doing a twelve hour push‑up marathon to raise money for charity. From that point on they would speak many times over the phone.

The record holder told him that he had heart and definitely had the potential to one day set a new record. And so doing his push‑ups became serious to him.

He pursued his hopeful ideology with personal dance demo's and updating his records until he reached the age of 25 years.

Once‑again this hopeful ideology of revenge by out‑doing those who mocked and betrayed him was smashed.

The anger within him was hurting too much, the revenge was not satisfying. He was still haunted by his past; the horror was still with him. He even had nightmares of being in class not being able to understand the teacher then the students would start to beat him with bats.

He started to realize that he had not seen those who haunted him in school for a long time. He started thinking,” What if, they never saw me in the paper or on television?”, “Who even reads the paper?” he thought.

He would always have hoped to resolve his own issue. After all they stole a piece of him, that he never could get back. His dignity and respect. How could he ever resolve his issue if he could never confront those who betrayed and wronged him?

He quickly realized dancing is just dancing. And who cares how many push‑ups one could do?

It was evident from his nightmares that when forced into a social situation, failure was his inevitable fate. Depression hit him hard, his reality now,” to be or not to be ".He decided "not to be”. He brought himself to the bravest moment of his life; He knew that there would be no turning back. He grabbed the pills, his heart pounding, his hands sweating and shaking. He swallowed all of them.

He slowly fell asleep, now God himself with the last word would decide if there was any point.

The story I told is the true story of my very best friend, a person who loves me more than anything in this world. And he is here today standing on this podium. Speaking to you.

Thank you
by: Darryl Learie 
Edited and Co-Authored by, John Thompson (Professor of English, University of Alberta) 

September 30 1998

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My Letters to Dr.Phil - Bullying



  From 2016 04 17 to 2016 08 28, I have written 41 e-mails to the Dr.Phil show. And on 2016 06 01, I also sent Dr.Phil a 46 page letter. (To view the 46 page letter mailed to Dr.Phil click the link below)

 46 page letter mailed to Dr.Phil

 46 page letter mailed to Dr.Phil

  And just to demonstrate to Dr.Phil just how determined I was to be on the Dr.Phil show, I shot a YouTube video on 2016 05 07 of myself holding a sign that read,"Please Dr.Phil, please let me share my story of being bullied, on your show #Stop Bullying." I stood and held the sign for 3.5 hours starting with 100 lbs on my back, and eventually stepping down the weight to 75 lbs, than 50 lbs.

                                         Most Determined to Get Dr.Phil's Attention (YouTube Video)

  Alas, On 2016 06 18, I also started an on-line petition asking for people to support me in sharing my bullying story on the Dr.Phil Show. I personally messaged all 250 of my Facebook and Twitter friends asking them to sign my petition or at least share my petition on their Facebook. By 2016 07 06, I received, 56 signatures. That's 56 people who support what I am doing, who believe in what I am doing.

  You can sign the petition in the form below. You can even sign it anonymously (your name will not be publicly revealed). The Petition will ask for your e-mail - only to conform that your not a spam-bot, your e-mail will not be made public, and you will not end up on any mailing lists

Below is the link to the petition;

Petition - Support me my sharing my bullying story on The Dr.Phil Show

  And below is another is anti-bullying video posted 2016 06 21 meant to get Dr.Phil's attention, aptly named,'My Journey to The Dr.Phil Show.'

                                         My Journey to The Dr.Phil Show (YouTube Video)

  On 2016 06 27, my petition (with 50 signatures) with a 5 page letter was mailed to the Dr.Phil show. You can view the petition, and the 5 page letter by clicking on the link below.

  Petition (50 signatures) with 5 page letter mailed to Dr.Phil

  On 2016 08 24, I created yet another YouTube video meant to get Dr.Phil's attention. The video was named,"Attention Dr.Phil - An Excellent Discussion on Bullying Solutions." The video was meant to show Dr.Phil that I also have solutions to the bullying problem.

                                          Attention Dr.Phil - An Excellent Discussion on Bullying Solutions (YouTube Video)

  2016 08 28, I decided to shoot another YouTube video personally addressing Dr.Phil. The video was aptly named,"My personal message to Dr.Phil McGraw - The high cost of bullying."

My personal message to Dr.Phil McGraw - The high cost of bullying (YouTube Video)

  I am hoping to get on as a guest to share my story of being bullied from grade 9 to 12, and how the negative consequences of such has affected me long into my adult life. 

  I am hoping to either be interviewed by Dr.Phil on my experience or have a chance to give an anti-bullying speech on his show. 

  The reason I want to share my story on Dr.Phil is because I have encountered much apathy and a general lack of interest sharing my story with schools, principles, school trustees, local media, on YouTube, and even within my own blog. 

  I've worked hard on sharing my story, presenting my story, spending hours rewriting while sipping on cold cups of coffee, and getting friends to criticize and help re-edit the perfect presentation. I've even spent a couple hundred dollars of my own monies to try to help promote the sharing of my story on my ant-bullying videos on YouTube.

  My basic premise is this; I want the world to know that bullying can lead to damaging effects on a person's life long into their adult years - changing who they are, forever destroying their self concept, and result in mental health issues. 

  Below are my e-mails to the Dr.Phil website (The website only allows e-mails of 250 words or less) - they explain quite a bit. I will not give up.
1st E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 04 16)

Hello Dr.Phil,

  I would like to share my story of being bullied on your show, ideally I would like to share my story in a speech.
  Being bullied has profoundly affected my life for better and worse. At 42 years of age, I suffer from chronic depression and social anxieties. My illness is largely a product of being bullied from grades 9 to 12. 

  I've tried to be proactive in sharing my story, I have created YouTube videos, and blogs with little interest. I have even created speeches which I shared with every school, principle, and trustee in my city with little feedback or interest. 

  There's great value in my story, my life purpose first evolved from my experiences in being bullied. But my story meets much apathy, and little interest. 

  If you visit my website, you will see the work I have done. I have revealed my darkest pains with humility, and transparent honesty despite whatever embarrassment and shame I have suffered. 
  I just want a stage with ears willing to listen. I did not lose 4 years of my life for no reason - I know there is purpose in my story. 

  I want people to know that bullying can result in severe negative consequences of which can carry long into one's adult life. 

  250 words and so much to say, and so so many people writing in. 
  Darryl Learie (

  2nd  E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 04 16)

  Dear Dr.Phil,

  I would like to share my story of being bullied on your show. It is my life dream, and purpose to have a stage with ears willing to listen to my story - I never had that despite my many efforts. 

  I've never asked for any reward in my life mission but merely an opportunity to help others through my story. Even at the age of 42, I suffer greatly because of the bullying I endured in grades 9 to 12. 

  I don't seek your help in remedying my mental health issues, as I have resources like a psychiatrist, psychologist, and therapies I follow. 

  I seek your interest in my story, and an audience that shares that same interest. I've lost 4 years of my life, and it seems like no-one wants to even listen to my story. When I approach schools I am met with apathy. 

  My story is unique as are my insights, and I have put much work and heavy thought into sharing my story for the benefit of others as evident on my web site . 

  I am willing to speak on that which haunts me. I am willing to be transparent despite whatever reputation I have. 
  I know I can be of great value. I am always working day and night for better ways to share my story for the benefit of others. And I wish I had more than 250 words to reveal my heart to you.

  Thank you, Darryl Learie 

3rd E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 04 16)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  I would like to share my story of being severely bullied from grades 9 to 12 on your show. I know there are many others who need your help and are just as deserving to be on your show. 

  At 42 years of age, being able to share my story on your show would solidify a great sense of achievement and purpose for me. 

  And I write you so many times because 250 words is not enough for me to truly reveal my story and my heart. And because I have noticed that many who have been on your show have written many letters to you. 

  And honestly I'm going into this scared and fearful, I have never feared anything more than being judged. I live on disability, for chronic depression, social anxieties, and panic attacks. I am an emotionally fragile human being.
  But I believe so strongly in the purpose of sharing my story on your show, that it is worth all that worries me. 

  I deeply want my life to mean something, I don't believe it was my destiny to have simply suffered for no reason. I believe people can learn from my story, and that I can offer potential solutions to the bullying problem. And spread a greater awareness of the many horrifying consequences of bullying. 

 Please check out my work to do with bullying at; .
Thank-you for reading, Darryl Learie

4th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 04 16)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  As you know by now I want to share my bullying story on your show. 

  From grade 9 to 12, I was spit on, sucker  punched, tripped, slapped, tied up, had food, items and even stones thrown at me, pushed into urinals, had my lockers vandalized, and even one student tried dropping a garbage can on me from the school roof. 

  I was continuously mocked, threatened on almost a daily basis, and even had students who tried to convince me to commit suicide. 

  I was the constant subject of rumors, and had been verbally and physically assaulted too many times to count. 
  I was ostracized, bullied by the boys, and ignored by the girls. And no authority willing to help.

  It was a truly dehumanizing experience which traumatized me forever. I am broken because of it - something inside of me broke because of being bullied. I don't feel accepted by society, I constantly feel disconnected from people in general. 

  It led me to drop out of high-school, 5 suicide attempts, and mental health issues of chronic depression, anxiety and panic attacks. 

  I am 42 years old now.  And this is why I want to share my story, because people do not know just how ugly and dehumanizing bullying is. 

  Please check out my website to see my work on bullying; . Even now no one seems interested in my story, and the schools are still apathetic. And that really hurts.

  Thank-you for reading, Darryl Learie 

5th  E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 04 18)

Dear Dr.Phil, 

  By now you are familiar with my bullying story that I'd like to share on your show.

  I also know that you are quite passionate and concerned about the bullying issue. I'd like to offer my own insights to do with bullying, and its consequences. 

  - Impaired academic performance 

  - propensity to drop out of high-school

  - possible development of mental health issues like: depression, anxiety, and possible PTSD

  - greater risk of suicide and/or aggression towards others

  - Stunted emotional development (possibly leading to lower emotional and social intelligence)

  - lowered self-concept (especially in self-esteem, and self-confidence)

  - greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse as possible coping mechanism

  The inherent problem when an adolescent is victimized by bullying is that their brain is impacted and influenced during critical phase of psychological and neurological development. When the brain is forming emotional and social intelligence, and the mind is reasoning its self-concept and purpose in society. 

  Bullying can profoundly affect its victims long into adulthood. Once pathologies have been cemented in adulthood, the resulting dysfunction can greatly impair future relationships, and even parenting - possibly introducing dysfunction to future generations. 

  I am acutely aware of the above through my own self-reflection, and experience being bullied. As all of the above applies to me. 

  I just want you to know that I have a valuable understanding of the consequences of bullying. I want a chance to illustrate the seriousness of the bullying issue. 

  Darryl Learie

6th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 04 18)

Dear Dr.Phil, 

  As you are now somewhat familiar with my bullying story I wish to share on your show, I will detail my proactive efforts to being bullied that has resulted in much apathy.

  My first anti-bullying speech was co-developed with an English professor from the University of Alberta. The schools I approached with the speech rejected my efforts, and some even told me,"we don't have a bullying problem." 

  I shared my bullying story on YouTube (and even promoted the video with my own money) until it yielded 800 views. I shared that video via e-mail to every school, principle, and school trustee in my city of Edmonton. I received only 2 replies - of those replies they suggested I send my video to the minister of education (which I did) as well as the Alberta Teachers Association). 

  No one offered to meet with me to collaborate or fifer to work with me. 

  I wrote anti-bullying e-mails to the local media, every television station and newspaper with no reply to sharing my story. 

  I have worked day and night on YouTube anti-bullying videos, and blogs. The interest is very low. As seen on . 

  It really hurts me that no-one is willing to participate in my proactive work. And it hurts even more that their is little interest in my story. 

  But people listen to Dr.Phil. I just want to be enabled to do something worth while.

  Darryl Learie

7th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 04 18)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  As you know from my previous 6 e-mails, I wish to share my story of being bullied on your show. 

  I know my story never made the news or went viral but I personally suffered in the worst way I could imagine. 

  I also know the odds of making the show are one in a million, and there are so so many people deserving of Dr.Phils help. 

  However, I would be so grateful and appreciative to share my story on the Dr.Phil show. I see so many people on the Dr. Phil show who don't seem to appreciate that Dr. Phil flew them to the show, and even paid for their hotel, and accommodations. Many don't seem to appreciate just how lucky they were to have been chosen to be on the show. 

  I would take nothing for granted. In fact I would be honoured to have such an opportunity. 

  I would be humble, honest, and transparent when it comes to my personal challenges, and vulnerabilities. 
  Telling my story won't change the world, but at the very least I would know that I made the very best of a very negative life experience for the better of humanity. And that would mean volumes to me. I would be forever indebted, and thank-full to Dr.Phil. 

  Please visit my website; , It's a very thorough, comprehensive, and transparent website sharing my experiences, and mental health issues.

  Thank you, Darryl Learie 

8th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 04 18)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  As you know from my previous 7 e-mails, I wish to share my story of being bullied on your show. 

  Even though being bullied has profoundly affected my adult life, and crippled elements of my self-concept like self-esteem, social confidence, and left me disconnected from humanity - I have also found strength because of it. 

  I am a Guinness World Record holder for blowing up and tying 446 balloons in 1 hour. I also have a record with Ripley's Believe It or Not for doing 11 one-arm push-ups on a raw egg (without breaking the egg). And I have been published in 2 books; The 9th annual Ripley's believe it or not hard cover book, and the RecordSetter Book of World Records. 

  I was also featured in a nation wide article for KAPing (Kite Aerial Photography) across every major city in Canada. And I have 3 world records with the Book of Alternative Records. 

  I have been featured in the local media 8 times for my accomplishments. 

  These are my most notable achievements, however many many more people are far more accomplished than I am. And these accomplishments are not particularly meaningful in making the world a better place. I yearn to make a truly meaningful contribution to society. 

  If I have one thing truly valuable to offer humanity - it is my bullying story, and what I have learned from it. It is my life purpose. 

  Darryl Learie
9th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 02)

Dear Dr.Phil, 

  As you know from my previous 8 e-mails, I wish to share my story of being a victim of bullying on your show. I know your show keeps track of every e-mail sent. 

  Your show keeps asking for more people to write in when you already receive so many letters from people like me who need your attention. 

  My story is not any less worthy, and I do not like to think that if any of my previous 5 suicide attempts had been successful (as a result of being bullied) that my story would have received its much deserved attention. I do not want to believe that this is the type of world we live in! 

  Why is it that those who do bad get so much attention while people like me trying to do something good get so little attention ? 

  I would be the first to admit that I do not have my sh!t together, and probably have more problems than you can solve. But I am trying so hard to do something truly meaningful, and purposeful to make the world a better place by sharing my story. 

  Don't I deserve an opportunity to do something potentially worthwhile? Am I less deserving of the over 2,000 guests you've already had on your show? The pain I have suffered says otherwise. Words can not emphasize the depths that I have suffered, emotionally and psychologically. 

  Darryl Learie 

10th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 02)

  Dear Dr.Phil, 

  My 10th e-mail about wanting to share my story of being bullied on your show. 

  The Ellen show had a contest to make people's dreams come true, I wrote the show a few times (even blogged about it) and said my dream was to give a speech sharing my story of being bullied on her show. While others wrote her asking for a chance to win money, get a break from their kids, go to concerts, meet their favourite celeb, etc. 

  I need money, I,m broke, in debt, live in low income, on disability, and yet I am not asking her show for a chance to win money - I'm asking for a chance to share my story, because I care that much about the bullying issue. 

  My problems are my problems and no one else's responsibility. 

  I'm not asking for your help, I'm asking for an opportunity to make a purposeful contribution to this world. I don't want to be the guy that needs help - I want to be the guy who did one really good thing in his life. The guy who used his bullying experience to educate, and spread awareness. 

  This is the one subject I know about because I experienced it, felt it, lived it, and has seen the damaging consequences affect my thinking, my life choices, how I perceive myself, my mental health, etc. 

  Please look at my website; .

  Darryl Learie

  11th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 02)

Dear Dr.Phil, 

  My 11th e-mail about wanting to share my story of being bullied on your show. 

  This would be easy if I had completely overcame being bullied in my life, and became successful in my life, and wrote books on bullying, and gave heart warming poetic speeches on being bullied. But truth is I have been damaged by bullying, and left with many life problems as a result but that is the point! 

  I am an example of what bullying can do to a person, and I am willing to expose myself to the world on your show, with all my vulnerabilities, and fears. So people will know what degree of effect bullying can have on a person. 

  Don't get me wrong, I am scared to be on your show. I don't know if people will see me on the show and recognize me on the street and attack my vulnerabilities? But it is worth the risk in my mind - because my cause is a good and worthy of awareness. 

  Sure I'd like to just share the very best of me online, and look good but there's nothing to learn from that. I'm definitely not doing this for any twisted sense of fame or attention - surely I will not stick out from the previous 2,000 guests on your show.

  I have tried hard not to be rude, demanding, or aggressive but to provide my best arguments of why I would be a worthwhile guest. 

  Darryl Learie

  12th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 04)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 12th e-mail asking to share my story of being bullied on your show.

  I reckon that you will eventually revisit the bullying issue on your show as bullying is still an epidemic among adolescents. As long as I don't hear from the Dr.Phil show, I will continue to send more e-mails.

  I am planning to mail you letters as well, it's just a matter of time. My letters will be far more comprehensive than these short 250 word summaries. I know the Dr.Phil show likes to do its research - so I will send you more than enough material to learn from.

  I have the hard part, as this communication is one way, some one reads this e-mail and decides whether or not to share its content with Dr.Phil while I'm kept in the dark. I understand that you plan out your future themes for the show, and most likely choose the e-mails and letters most relevant to those themes.

  However this is my dream and purpose in life, there is no other reasonable way to effectively share my story with so many people. Unless I create a viral anti-bullying video on YouTube but realistically I would have better odds winning the lottery.

  As the biggest problem with YouTube, Blogger, and my website is over saturation of the bullying issue which leads to unlikely discovery of my content. So this is my best shot.

  Darryl Learie

  13th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 04)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 13th e-mail asking to share my story of being bullied on your show.

  It's been over 20 years since I was fiercely bullied in school, and even today as a result I feel a permanent psycho-social disconnection from people in general. It's difficult to explain this disconnection; I don't feel acceptance and/or approval from people, and I also feel that I can not relate or understand people.

  When I was bullied back in grades 9 to 12, I felt effectively ostracized from my own species. I had developed the belief that despite my efforts - people do not like me as a human being.

  Between the bullies, and the complacent bystanders, I had learned that every person has a dark evil side which reveals itself given the right circumstance. But what impacted my self-concept even more so was that I had lost the respect of my peers and the school body because I could not effectively resolve my situation of being bullied.

  4 years of contempt by my peers.

  It has taken me so long to share my story because I was consumed with shame. For many years it was my dark secret. Even today, it is enormously challenging for me to reveal what I had gone through in school.

  Something inside of me has remained broken ever since and most likely can not be repaired.

  Darryl Learie

  14th E-mail  to Dr.Phil (2016 05 05)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 14th e-mail asking to share my story of being bullied on your show.

  Sharing my story on your show would generate far more discussion among people than my anti-bullying YouTube videos, and blogs combined. I reckon your audience is within 3-4 million viewers (people) per show. My entire YouTube channel has 1.3 million views accumulated from all of my 516 videos over the last 6 years.

  So you can see that I do not have the reach or the level of exposure your show has. The level of exposure your show can provide would give my experience with being bullied great purpose.

  By allowing me to share my story on your show you would be helping me immensely. You would be giving me purpose. You would be giving me a chance to impact a multitude of lives for the better. For others can learn from my story, and spread awareness to others. You would be allowing me to be effectively pro-active about my negative experience.

  Remember in my previous e-mails, I tried to make a difference sharing my story with schools, and local media, and well as social media. And I only received apathy.

  Please give me a chance to make a difference in this world. I don't seek profit or reward in my work - I only seek purpose.

  I want to know that I did not needlessly suffer for 4 years of my life.

  Darryl Learie

  15th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 05)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 15th e-mail asking to share my story of being bullied on your show.

  I will focus on why I think I deserve to be on your show.

  I went through 4 traumatic years of torment during a time when I was psychologically defining who I will be and my place in the world. I was left to face my adult years psychologically impaired with a multitude of emotional scars. No one ever said, "I'm Sorry that happened to you," I was just expected to function like everyone else.

  And when I have tried to be pro-active by sharing my story with schools, principles, school trustees, local media, and social media I only received apathy.

  It is like no one cares that 'this' happened to me, not during those 4 awful years, not after! I have put a lot of my own time and money into sharing my story without ever asking for reward.

  It also feels like no one appreciates my efforts in battling the bullying issue. It's like no one even appreciates just how hard it is for me to share my story.

  And I am willing to share a most painful story for the benefit of others. Don't I deserve a stage with ears willing to listen to share my story?

  I don't want another person to go through what I went through. Only by preventing others from a similar fate my life will be worthwhile.

  Darryl Learie
  16th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 07)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 16th e-mail asking to share my story of being bullied on your show.

  To see for yourself just how serious and determined I am to share my story on your show, you can watch a YouTube video I just posted.

  The YouTube video is called,"Most Determined To Get Dr Phil's Attention," and can be found at this link;

  In the video I hold a sign that reads, "Dr.Phil, Please let me share my story of being bullied on your show." I hold the sign for the camera for a total time of 3 hours, 5 minutes.

  I hold the sign at first for 40 minutes 29 seconds with 100 lbs on my back. At the 1:17:30 hour mark I hold the sign with 75 lbs on my back for 30 minutes, 45 seconds. At the 2:38:23 hour mark I hold the sign with 50 lbs on my back for 30 minutes, 47 seconds.

  I went through this exhausting 3 hour 5 minute effort for just 44 minutes of Dr.Phil's time.

  You can also see the video at (Blog - My Letters to Dr.Phil - Bullying) Link -

  Darryl Learie

  17th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 14)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 17th e-mail asking to share my bullying story on your show.

  The most effective help I can get from Dr.Phil is for Dr.Phil to allow me to share my story of being bullied during my school years. The greatest therapy I could ever receive is the sharing of the endurance I demonstrated through-out those 4 years of my life when all I knew was rejection and isolation.

  I feel that there is great purpose in the telling of my story, people need to know that being bullied can tear a persons very soul apart. People do not understand the degree of strength required to endure bullying, to constantly be reminded of your worthlessness as a person and still continue to do what is expected of you. Especially when there remains no more reward for your continued existence.

  I want the world to know the extent of my suffering, and just how damaged I became as a result of it all. And that I have gained great insight in the damaging effects of the bullying problem, and how it is a huge societal problem.

  I am determined to share my story, I am willing to honestly open myself with all my vulnerabilities, and character flaws to expose the effects of bullying on a human being in front f millions. All to spread awareness to do with the bullying problem, and its effect on people.

  Darryl Learie

  18th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 14)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 18th e-mail asking for a chance to share my bullying story on your show.

  Allow me to share how being bullied in school 24 years has affected me today.

  Today, I have very few actual friends, and feel little to no acceptance from people in general. I feel people are generally diss-interested in me as a person. I find it very hard to make new friends for fear of judgement and fear of them possibly assassinating my character.

  I feel rejected, ostracized from society, like I should be ashamed of the life I have lived. I don't feel like an equal to others, I feel like I am less worthy than those around me. At times I have literally felt as if I were the ugliest person in the world.

  I have repeatedly been deeply concerned with such thoughts as; am I a good person or a bad person, has the world benefitted from my existence, have I served any meaningful purpose in this world, do I have any value to offer this world, and so forth.

  I experience such an extreme degree of self-doubt, lack of esteem, confidence in myself, and many times resort to hating myself as a person.

  I am broken. Yet I still strive to do good, to define some meaningful purpose in my life. This is the impact bullying can have 24 years later on a person.

  Darryl Learie - blog on bullying

  19th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 14)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 19th e-mail asking you, may I please have the opportunity to share my bullying story on your show? I know it is extremely difficult to get unto the Dr.Phil show, considering my previous 18 e-mails have since failed to even yield a response of any kind.

  If I were to get unto the show, allow me to be very clear and concise; It is extremely important to me that my presence would serve a purpose greater than myself. And that purpose is spreading awareness about the damaging effects of bullying, and that those damaging effects can affect a person long into their adult life.

  I know Dr.Phil is in the business of helping people, and I am open to Dr.Phil's help in regard to my own personal issues. But I do not want the focus of the show to be,'how Darryl got Dr.Phil's help' I want the focus of the show to be on,'Bullying.'

  It's is critical to me that my presence serves to initiate awareness and dialogue among the viewers to do with the bullying issue. It is most important to me that I proactively served the ant-bullying movement, that I was a part of a greater cause in my life. And I did everything in my power to serve that cause.

  I don't want another person to suffer in their life as I have because of bullying.

  Darryl Learie

  20th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 15)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 20th e-mail asking you, may I please have the opportunity to be on your show to share my story of being bullied?

  I do not know how people writing into your show express their desperation to get unto your show. But please be advised I have strived not to present myself in a disrespectful, inappropriate or demanding manner during my e-mails written to you. I have rather tried my very best to use each e-mail to present new arguments, and insights as to how bullying has affected me.

  I share my e-mails written to you on my blog, for others to criticize, as well as my friends for their input concerning the effectiveness of my presentation.

  If I were to write something offensive concerning you, I would promptly apologize and explain myself.

  I do know that this is your show, But I also know that you are very passionate about the bullying issue. And my purpose is to demonstrate through the sharing of my story, that being bullied can literally shape a persons life for the worse. As you know psychological dysfunction tends to build upon itself. The psychological effects of being bullied do not stop because the bullying in question has stopped. And that most bullying occurs during a persons most formative years thereby literally shaping who they will become, the relationships they will be part of, and how they handle challenges.

  Darryl Learie

  21st E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 19)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 21st e-mail asking for the opportunity to share my story on your show of being bullied in school.

  Thus far I have written 20 e-mails to you, each e-mail within the imposed 250 word limit - that's 5,000 words I have written to you in total. I also shared my YouTube video with you where I stood while holding a sign asking to be on your show with 100 lbs on my back (a video that lasted a total of 3 hours).

  By now any reasonable person would know that I have effectively demonstrated just how determined I am to get unto your show. I have demonstrated my conviction by my many many words and by a show of physical endurance.

  And I have yet to solicit a single response from you. I have even provided a link to my blog which covers even more material on my bullying experiences and how those experiences have affected me.

  The only reason you have not received even more e-mails from me is because everyday, I sit and think, and think, and think what else can I say to you without repeating myself. This e-mail is to let you know, that I will not give up. Every next e-mail I send you is one more than some other person who has written you, and eventually I will have written you more e-mails than anyone else!

  Darryl Learie

  22nd E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 05 20)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 22nd e-mail, asking you for the opportunity to be on your show, to share my experience of being bullied in school.

  Now you may think bullying is no longer a topical issue because the news and media have slowly dimmed their spotlight on the subject.

  I can guarantee that bullying occurs in every school in the US and Canada. The reason it is critical to explore the bullying issue in schools is because schools define who we will become as people.

  If we are taught to accept insensitivity, intolerance, and ignorance towards others in school than we grow to become adults who will reflect those traits as values. Our very beliefs and ideologies as adults are shaped by our school experiences.

  Despite all of the past awareness and discussion to do with the bullying problem - bullying is still as pervasive as it was in the past. I know this because human nature does not change despite the times. The anti-bullying movement must be an ongoing fight.

  And it must be fought with continued awareness brought on by the sharing of experiences, discussion, education, and action. My experience is just as valid in its sharing as anyone else's.

  Bullying occurs between people of all ages, all races, and all socio-economic statuses - it effects the whole world. People participate in bullying because there is an inherent darkness that exists in each person. What feeds that darkness is up for debate.

  Darryl Learie

  Thank-you for reading.

23rd E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 06 01)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This is my 23rd e-mail asking you to allow me to share my story of being bullied, on your show.

Today, I mailed a 46 page letter to you via snail mail, the letter should reach you in 5 days. It cost me $ 67 dollars for the printer ink to print the long letter, and $ 10.30 dollars to mail it. The letter I sent you can also be viewed at the following link;

 As you will also see at the following link, I also sent you 22 previous e-mails via your website. I am also working on getting my passport, as I live in Canada. The passport will cost me about $ 100 dollars, but I am willing to pay for all these expenses as being on the show is just that important to me.

 At the following link you will also note that I did a YouTube video of me standing while holding a sign that read, "Please Dr.Phil, Please let me share my story of being bullied, on your show #Stop Bullying." I stood and held that sign for 3.5 hours for the camera with 100 lbs on my back, and eventually stepping down the weight to 75 lbs, than 50 lbs. 

I am doing my best to make all this data as readily available to you as possible. And providing you with as much relevant data to the issue as possible. 

Thank-You ,
 Darryl Learie

24th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 06 19)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 24th e-mail asking you to give me the opportunity to share my bullying story on your show.
By now you must have received the 46 page letter I mailed to you on June 1st of this year. 

And if you followed up on the list nod I provided in my previous e-mails to you, you know of the YouTube video where I held a sign for 3 hours asking to be on the show (with 100 lbs on my back). 

Now I have started a petition asking people to support me in sharing my bullying story on your show. I want to demonstrate that other people also support the idea of me sharing my bullying story on your show. And to demonstrate to you that their is a public interest. I started the petition yesterday, on June 18th, 2016. This is the link to the on-line petition ;

 I have not recently written you as I have been busy planing my next move and attending to other priorities. And I was working on trying to get the local media to support me, sending them letters with no luck. 

Darryl Learie

25th E-mail  to Dr.Phil (2016 06 20)

Dear Dr.Phil,

 This is my 25th e-mail asking you to please let me share my bullying story on your show. My petition asking people to support my wish to share my bullying story on your show has reached 33 signatures, and can be viewed below;

 I personally messaged every one of my 200 Facebook friends to either sign or share my petition. That means 33 people support what I propose to you, 33 people believe in what I am doing. 

And I will continue working on getting more signatures of support.

 I am also advertising my petition at a cost of $ 7.50. Plus $67.00 for the ink to print my 46 page letter I mailed you, plus $10.30 to mail that letter to you. 

Not to mention the 3 hour YouTube video where I stood with 100 lbs on my back while holding a sign asking to share my story on the show - just to get your attention, and prove my determination.
 Not to mention the letters I sent to the local media hoping they would do a story on my quest to get unto your show. 

I am working so hard for just 45 minutes of your time, and yet have not received a single reply. Nothing worth doing is easy. When it comes to success - persistence is all I know. 

Cheers, Darryl Learie 

26th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 06 30)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 26th e-mail asking you to allow me to share my bullying story on your show.

On 2016 06 27, I mailed my petition of people who support me sharing my bullying story on your show to you with 50 signatures, the petition which now has 53 signatures can be viewed at this link;

And produced yet another anti-bullying YouTube video, aptly named,'My Journey to The Dr.Phil Show.' The video is 8 minutes and tells my bullying story, and what led me to pursue the Dr.Phil show. The link to the video can be found below;

It is one of my best pieces of work, and I have recieved great compliments on the video.

As always, all the e-mails, and letters I have sent to the Dr.Phil Show can be found on my blog, the link is below;

Cheers, Darryl Learie

27th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 07 08)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 27th e-mail asking you to let me share my bullying story on your show.

I have published 6 anti-bullying blogs, and 4 anti-bullying YouTube videos. I have also spent $183.30 of my own money (and I'm on a fixed income) to promote my material to continue awareness on the bullying issue. All of which I made available to you through links shared.

I have never seeked any reward for my work.

I have sent you a 46 page letter, and a petition of those who support me with 56 signatures, plus another 5 page letter. 2 YouTube videos I shared with you (One where I stood with a 100 lbs on my back holding a sign for 3 hours just to demonstrate my determination.)

250 words is not enough to list all of my previous efforts.

I think I at least deserve a response. I do not even know if you or your staff have even seen any of my material. All I ever wanted was an audience to share my story with. I have worked so hard, late nights, cold coffees, long discussions with friends on what I can do better.

Why is it so hard to get a response? Am I not worthy? I'm trying to do something good in this world. Do you not like my material? Have I done something objectionable?

Please tell me something I can work with.

Darryl Learie 

28th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 07 08)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 28th e-mail asking you to please let me share my bullying story on your show.

What do you do when your not a natural writer, your not a natural speaker, and you don't know how to connect to people - to get them to listen, to move them with your words?

And yet you have a story you feel compelled to share, and you believe theres value in your story. And you believe out of everything you know - your story has the greatest value you can possibly offer the world.

I feel under appreciated. I am willing to expose my greatest emotional vulnerabilities in the telling of my story. Maybe my story does not seem dramatic or compelling enough. But my story is more than just words because I have personally experienced the pain of those words that tell the story.

When I read my own bullying story, I am personally haunted by its words, I relive the pains associated with its words.

I dream of doing something truly meaningful, and purposeful in my life that is a true selfless gift of myself for the betterment of society. I have tried to share my story with local community and social media - what more can I do?

And I don't believe my story is the most important story, I just want a chance to impact a small part of this world, a chance to make a small difference.

Darryl Learie

29th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 07 31)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 29th e-mail asking you to let me share my bullying story on your show.

Recently, I wrote a blog,'Ramblings of a confused conscience' at the following link;

It was my attempt to illustrate why every person has value and is worthwhile in our society. It also concludes that we have a moral responsibility not to hurt others by our actions. And that the most reckless life is the unexamined life.

The petition of those who support me sharing my bullying story on your show, peaked at 56 signatures.

I have not written in almost a month, the reason being is that I have been working to maintain the house, helping my daughter in law with yard work, being of assistance to my disabled wife, dealing with a depressed mother, dealing with an issue to do with my daughter, and working on multiple personal projects.

However getting unto the Dr.Phil show has been on my mind the entire time.

I have done a lot to get unto the show , but apparently it has not been enough - so I must keep working at it.

Darryl Learie

30th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 07 31)

Dear Dr. Phil,

This is my 30th e-mail asking you to please let me share my bullying story on your show.

If you want to learn about WW2, you can interview a historian whose read many books on the subject or you can interview someone who actually fought in the war. You'll learn interesting facts from the historian but guaranteed you will gain insight from the veteran soldier that you can't gain from the historian.

When it comes to being severely bullied, I am the veteran soldier. I don't need a book to tell me that bullying can lead to depression, anxiety, low self-concept, and effect a person long into their adult life (long after the bullying has stopped). Because I personally experienced the effects of bullying.

My story is worth hearing. I know people can learn from my story - if anything they will learn the gravity bullying can have on a person. I am the product of being bullied - after the suicide attempts were unsuccessful.

If there is a production element to choosing which stories to air - my story has it all, drama, shock, emotion, sadness, despair, hopelessness, hope, anger, and revelation.

Of course I hope the show is above ratings, entertainment value, etc - although in your commercials you do emphasize 'drama' a lot. I do hope and pray the shows intent and purpose is to help people rather than entertain people.

I don't know how you choose your guests?

Darryl Learie

31st E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 07 31)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 31st e-mail asking you to please let me share my bullying story on your show.

A while ago I was so frustrated trying to get a response that I was considering writing a blog - 'Why it is not worth your time writing Dr.Phil'. I know you guys are busy with many letters from people but I have done a lot to get your attention.

People tell me, the odds of getting on the show are extremely low. I don't understand, if you guys get too much mail as it is - why do you keep asking for more? I don't think you guys can appropriately handle the mail you get.

I can honestly understand why people would get rude, angry, and frustrated after writing so many times to the show - only to get no reply. I have to struggle at times to keep myself in check.

If I were to write my Mayor, MLA, or even the Premier, I would have gotten a response by now.

Alas, I don't even know if Dr.Phil has even seen any of my material sent. I'm guessing it's not likely that he has.

If you get 10,000 letters / month for 1 year that's 120,000 letters. Average 156 shows per year; 120,000 / 156 = I'm looking at odds of 1 in 769 of being on the show. (Worst case scenario)

Only way to increase my odds is to keep writing.

Darryl Learie

32nd E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 08 11)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 32nd e-mail asking you to please let me share my bullying story on your show.

  People say everyone knows about bullying - as there has been so much media on the subject. And yet despite all the awareness on bullying - bullying continues to be a big problem in our society.

  Show me a school that does not have a bullying problem. I doubt such a school exists. Part of the problem is that many bullies don't realize that they are bullies. Furthermore, many people don't realize that they contribute to the bullying problem by their actions and lack of actions.

  The bullying issue requires a multidimensional solution; parents have a responsibility to ensure they don't inadvertently raise bullies for children, schools have the responsibility to acknowledge, and immediately intervene when bullying occurs.

  Furthermore, the mentality surrounding bullying needs to change. Kids will be kids, and kids need to learn to handle their own problems, kids need to learn to socialize is not a reasonable or appropriate attitude.

  Children cannot effectively govern over themselves without adult guidance, attention, and intervention. Children who are left to learn to socialize without consistent parenting often grow up severely dysfunctional.

  Schools need anti-bullying curriculum and acknowledge and celebrate selflessness and moral aptitude as much as they celebrate academic performance.

  Furthermore, the bully needs to be treated, And placed into a process of restorative justice where he can learn to realize the gravity of his actions.

  Darryl Learie

33rd E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 08 11)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 33rd e-mail asking you to please let me share my bullying story on your show.

I believe the bullying problem is first learned and experienced in our schools. Every school has some degree of a bullying problem. Aside from the bullying that occurs in the schools, bullying occurs in every aspect of our lives.

How many children get bullied by another child when their only crime is wanting to play at the park? How many teens are bullied by other teens at the local mall? In my neighbourhood it happens a lot, and it saddens and concerns me greatly.

Is domestic abuse not an act of bullying? How many employees are bullied by their bosses? I have known people who were victim to work place bullying and it depresses me greatly - their only crime - wanting to work hard.

How many customers bully employees at fast food and retail businesses ? How many incidences of road rage are a product of bullying ? How many teens bully their mothers, out f acts of emotional black mail , and acts of selfishness. Or parents that bully their children? Or teachers being bullied by their students or vice versa?

That is why we need to target the bullying problem at the schools where it all begins.

Any person can become a bully in any given moment without ever realizing that they themselves have been a bully (including myself).

Darryl Learie

34th E-Mail to Dr.Phil (2016 08 11)

Dear Dr.Phil,

  This s my 34th e-mail asking you to please allow me to share my bullying story on your show.

  Bullying can potentially damage a person long into their adult life (even after the bullying has stopped).

  The biggest problem with bullying in schools is that adolescents are bullied when their brains are going through the largest development of their lives during a process of neural pruning. In which more efficient pathways are developing thus shaping their ability to reason. When this process is negatively influenced by bullying it shapes their very psychology for the worse, and introduces a potential for psycho-pathology.

  It is reasonable to assume bullying victims by their negatively influenced self-concept or prone to having a series of dysfunctional relationships later in life. It is also reasonable that a victim of bullying suffering from low self-confidence, and low self-esteem may very well have children who suffer low esteem and confidence - it is in this way the the effects of bullying can affect future generations. Creating children who are vulnerable to bullying.

  Alas, bullying can also have economic consequences on our society, as victims require more treatment, and may not be able to work due to depression, and anxiety.

  Not to mention, victims are vulnerable to negative coping mechanisms to elevate their emotional trauma such as resorting to drugs and alcohol.

  Bullying does not just affect the victim , it affects everyone, it affects society as a whole.

 Darryl Learie

35th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 08 11)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 35th e-mail asking you to please allow me to share my bullying story on your show.

Socrates once said, the unexamined life is not worth living. I reckon he was trying to make a point that a reckless self-serving life with no serious reflection can only prove to negatively affect the quality of life for everyone else. That such a life is of absolutely no benefit to anyone.

It has become more and more apparent to me, that every action and word spoken on my part can have unseen consequences unto others. I can not properly evaluate the positive or negative net affect of my life on society because the variables involved are incalculable.

There are so many things I have done, and said, and so many people I have influenced in my 42 years that it's incomprehensible.

How much potential damage have I caused my mother, my daughter, my step-son, an ex-girlfriend, or even a stranger?  How much potential damage have I caused on-line? How much gravity does my words carry on any given stranger.

I am greatly concerned with these questions. Am I a good person? Am I merely a product of my environment ? Has my psycho-pathology negatively affected others? Have I neglected those who care about me? Is my ideology and beliefs harmful?

This has everything to do with bullying. For if everyone considered all these questions there would be far less bullying.

Darryl Learie

36th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 08 11)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 36th e-mail asking you to please let me share my bullying story on your show.

Dr.Phil there is no doubt that you have benefited a great multitude of lives. And I do have great respect for you and your work. And I do pray that I have not been offensive in any of my previous e-mails to you. And I do consider that there is an element of selfishness on my part to wanting to be on your show when so many others urgently need your help.

But I believe the telling of my story can potentially benefit a great many. Of all those who willingly shared their bullying stories on your show - how many have gone the lengths I have to be on the show?

The words spoken by others, 'no one cares what you have to say' and 'Dr.Phil probably hasn't seen your sh*t or even know you exist' continually echoes through my mind. But I continue to take a blind leap of faith that there's great value in the telling of my story.

I've always suffered from a hole within myself that I don't matter, that I don't have anything worthwhile to offer anyone from being bullied. That is why I so badly want to be acknowledged, seen, heard.

But this particular success of sharing my story hinges on others who are willing to take a chance on me.

Darryl Learie

37th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 08 24)

Dear Dr.Phil, 

This is my 37th e-mail asking you to please let me share my bullying story on your show. Today, I created a YouTube video with my Friend, Mark Dekker aptly named,"Attention Dr.Phil - An Excellent Discussion on Bullying Solutions." The link to the 47 minute video can be found here;

I think the video demonstartes how well I present myself when discussing the bullying issue. It also demonstrates that I have valuable insight, knowledge, and wisdom on the issue itself. And most importantly it demonstrates that I have proposed solutions to the bullying problem, that I am not simply affected by the experience of being severely bullied.

 I do hope you take the time to watch the video. You will see from all my previous work that I have presented two paradigms of the bullying issue; how bullying negatively affects people like myself, and what can be done to reduce bullying.

As allways you can find all the work I have done in my attempt to get unto your show at the following link; Darryl Learie

38th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 08 24)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 38th e-mail asking you to please allow me to share my bullying story on your show.

All of my previous 37 e-mails to you have been reviewed by my most trusted friends for the purposes of effective critical feedback.

 And as made evident to me, my previous e-mails reveal a low-self esteem, and low confidence on my part. This I believe is to be expected considering the 4 years of severe bullying I experienced in school 20 years ago.

My friends feel that this may work against me in being accepted unto the show to share my bullying story.

However, what ever issues I may have I know I speak a truth. And it is a critically important truth experienced in my own life - and I have articulated that truth very well. Those who have not had my personal experience may not be aware of the truths I speak because personal experience has never taught them about such truths.

Sure, a part of society is eager to learn from and cheers on those who have over come their own challeneges, however it is also critically important to learn about the struggle, and how that struggle affects a person.

My issues should not be a reason to dismiss my efforts to share my story for the benefit of society. I believe that something of great value can be learned from every bullying story shared.

Darryl Learie

39th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 08 24)

 Dear Dr.Phil, 

This is my 39th e-mail asking you to please allow me to share my bullying story on your show.

I have worked very hard on the large volume of material concerning my bullying story that I have already made available to you. And I have had people review my work to ensure its quality and effectiveness.

I have also been transparent in the materials I have sent you, sharing those same materials with the public - I believe that reflects integrity, openess, willingness, and honesty on my part.

I am intelligent, articulate, and well intentioned. I have spent countless hours reflecting on the years I was severely bullied in school, and consequently learned how the negative effects of such affected my life after the bullying stopped.

I am passionate about the bullying issue, and equally dedicated to do what I can to reduce the bullying problem. I care greatly about the bullying issue and those affected by it.

I have been more proactive than most people who endured the same as I have.

Even if I never get unto the show at least some one will benefit from my work - work I do voluntarily for the benefit of those affected by bullying.

I have a blind faith in myself that exceeds my personal doubts concerning my ability to succeed in this dream of mine. This is my life dream - to share my story on your show.

Darryl Learie

40th E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 08 24)

Dear Dr.Phil, 

This is my 40th e-mail asking you to please allow me to share my bullying story on your show. I do as evident by my previous e-mails suffer from low self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence (in social areas) as a result of being severely bullied 20 years ago for 4 years in school.

However, I have also grown immensely because of my experience. I have been humbled. I have gained great empathy for others. I am willing to learn from others how I have personally affected them, and what I can do to be a better person. I have become very conscious of how my actions affect others, and have examined my own life in great detail.

And I believe those are great personal qualities to have.

I openly share my feelings, and thoughts with people, and on-line rather than always trying to present the very best of myself. In short I present the real human being that is me (flawed, vulnerable at times, strong other times, sad, happy, depressed).

I don't want people to accept a false image of me but accept me in my entirety as my wife of 8 years has. I don't like pretending to be something I am not. Despite my personal issues I know I have demonstrated great value in the lives of others, like my wife, my daughter, my very few friends. I believe in being honest, and to the point.

Darryl Learie 

41st E-mail to Dr.Phil (2016 08 28)

Dear Dr.Phil,

This is my 41st e-mail asking you to please allow me to share my bullying story on your show.

Today, I published a 9 minute YouTube video aptly named,"My personal message to Dr.Phil McGraw - The high cost of bullying."

The video can be found at the following link;

This is my 4th YouTube video I have published to get Dr.Phil's attention.

I do hope that Dr.Phil himself will learn of this video and take the time to watch it.

Within the videos description are 2 links; the first link brings you to my blog which presents all of the e-mails I have sent to the Dr.Phil show , along with all of the letters I have mailed to The Dr.Phil Show. The second link is my bullying story on YouTube. I am continually working hard to create even better content to share with The Dr.Phil show.

Sincerely, Darryl Learie
Thank-you for your time.

(((More E-mails to Dr.Phil to Come)))