Darryl Learie - My Life Time Achievements

                                (YouTube video - My Life Time Achievements)

(YouTube video - 21 of my Greatest Accomplishments)

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Resume of Achievements

2019 07 06 - Acknowledged in a 5th Book, "Balancing the World on One Finger." Under 'acknowledgements' "A big thank you to my many friends...Darryl Learie" (page 294)

2015 07 07 - Published in 4th Book, "The Mammoth Book of Weird Records" (page 367). "16  push-ups, one-armed, with hand on a raw egg."
2013 09 12 - Published in 3rd Book, "Horrid Henry's World Records" (page 103). "446 balloons blown up in 1 hour - 2011 02 09."
2012 09 01 - Published in 2nd Book, "Ripley's Believe It or Not" (page 160) 9th Annual Hard Cover. "11 push-ups, one-armed, with hand on a raw egg"
2012 01 05 - 3rd World Record listed with RecordHolders.org ( http://www.recordholders.org/en/list/pushups.html ) : Push-Ups, one-armed, with hand on a raw egg (8) at City TV, Breakfast Television. (Ripley's (11), and RecordSetter (16)).
2011 12 15 - Honorable Mention Top 15 RecordSetter World Records of 2011  ( http://recordsetter.com/bestof2011 ).
2011 11 01 - Published in 1st Book, The RecordSetter Book of World Records (page 86). "16  push-ups, one-armed, with hand on a raw egg."
2011 08 06 - 2nd World Record listed with RecordHolders.org: Most Balloons Blown-Up in 24 Hours (2,501) at Fusion Hope Festival.
2011 02 09 - 1st World Record listed with RecordHolders.org Most Balloons Blown Up in 1 Hour (446) at City TV, Breakfast Television. First Guinness World Record. 


2011 02 09 - Guinness World Record (446 Balloons Blown Up In 1 Hour)

2013 01 03 - Ripley's Believe It or Not (11 1-Armed Push-ups On Raw Egg)

Books (I'm Published In)

 The RecordSetter Book of World Records published 2011 11 01 ( Buy Book )
(page 86). "16  push-ups, one-armed, with hand on a raw egg."

 Ripley's Believe It or Not 'Download the weird' published 2012 09 01 ( Buy Book )
(page 160) "11 push-ups, one-armed, with hand on a raw egg"

 Horrid Henry's World Records published 2013 09 12. ( Buy Book )
(page 103). "446 balloons blown up in 1 hour - 2011 02 09"

 The Mammoth Book of Weird Records published in 2015 07 07. ( Buy Book )
(page 367). "16  push-ups, one-armed, with hand on a raw egg."

Record Holders 'World Records for Push-Ups (Press Ups)
listed 2012 01 05
"one-armed, with hand on a raw egg 8; Darryl Learie"

  My Personal Records Book 9th Edition 1993.09.10 - 2023.06.14 (link)


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