Dear Ellen DeGeneres, I Have A Dream

Hello Ellen,

  My name is Darryl Learie, and I have a simple dream.  My dream is to present an anti-bullying speech on your show. I was severely bullied throughout high school, and consequently suffered the damaging psychological effects of being bullied long into my adult years. 

   Now I live on disability for depression, anxiety, and panic attacks (bullying had certainly played a rather large role in the development of my pathology). 

  Despite my life journey being paved with fear, self-doubt, confusion, and judgment (all those things which accompany mental illness) there remains a potential that sparks within me. That potential has led me to become: a Guinness World Record Holder, a" Ripley's Believe It or Not" record holder, and published in 2 books. 

  However, I have yearned for years for that moment to make a meaningful impact upon a part of this world. I want to have a stage with ears willing to listen to those thoughts, and concerns which burden my heart. For I believe I went through this life experience for a reason.

  And my story is just one of many shared on social media sites like YouTube and Blogger. But all I can offer is my own heartfelt sincerity, openness, and willingness to share my story. I believe I can present a speech which can inspire, educate, and promote more compassion among us all. 

   If I get this opportunity to speak to your audience, I would make the time available most meaningful and purposeful to this cause.


Work I have already done

('standing up for mental illness' blog in a YouTube video)


The Ancestry / Genealogy of Darryl Wayne Wellington Learie

note: This is a first revision, a second revision will eventually follow to verify details. At the bottom of page are files you are free to view and download given that we are potentially related.

The Ancestry / Genealogy of Darryl Wayne Wellington Learie

  I was born Darryl Wayne Wellington Learie back in 1973, December 6th (4:45 pm pacific time) at Kelowna General Hospital (room 309B) in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. My mother's maiden name is Irenee Marjatta Elizabeth Vastamaa (born 1954, January 29th,St.Joseph Hospital,Lachine(Montreal),Quebec,Canada) and my father's name is Wayne Wellington Learie (born 1949, April 17th,Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada).

  On my father's side my grandfather's name is Joesph Learie, and my grandmother's name is Fanny Learie (married name). On my mother's side my grandfather's name is Jalmari Vastamaa (born 1922, September 23rd,Kuorevesi,Finland), and my grandmother's maiden name is Tuovi Eliisa Koivisto (born 1925, December 25th,Orivesi,Finland).

  On my father's side I have a half sister (share same father), Jacqueline Perron (born 1970,January 3rd), and a half brother (share same father), Wayne Wellington Learie (junior) (born 1994,October 12th). My half sister Jacqueline has a daughter, Taiha Perron (born 1988,January 12th). And apparently my father had a sister, Barbera Learie (1941-1991,deceased).

  My mother has 3 sisters by maiden name they are: Kaija Vastamaa (born 1946,July 22nd,Finland), Irmeli Aino Ritva Vastamaa (born 1948,November 21st,Finland), and Brigette Vastamaa (born 1959, May 1st). My aunt Kaija has a son, Stephane Romain Lefebvre (born 1965, March 28th). My Aunt Irmeli has a daughter, Carrie Elisa Anita Armistead . And my aunt Brigette has a daughter, Melanie Mitchell (born 1993, August 22nd).

  I have a daughter, Raven Ashely Lapatak (born 1997, August 21st (10:58pm), Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). Her mother is Maxine May Lapatak (born
1978, June 21st, Vilna, Alberta, Canada).

  My grandmother's (Tuovi Eliisa Koivisto, on my mothers side) father's name is Juho Kustaa Koivisto (born 1881, January 25th, died 1953, June 29th,Kangasala, Finland). My grandmother's mother's maiden name is Helmi Matilda Yliniemi (born 1888, April 21st, died 1958 February 7th,Orivesi,Finland).

  Helmi's father's name is Kustaa August Yliniemi (born 1860, May 7th,died 1932, Finland). Helmi's mother's name is Heta Stiina Juhontytar Yliniemi (born 1851, June 23rd, died 1929, February 25th, Finland).

  Juho's Father's name is Kaarle August Koivisto (born 1858, April 26th, died 1940, December 27th, Finland). Juho's mother's name is Amanda Koivisto (born 1863, December 21st, died 1935, January 1St).

  My grandmother's (on my mothers side) has 1 brother, and 2 sisters, they are by maiden name: Eino Kalevi Koivisto (born 1922, May 5th, died 1986, August 17th, Juupajoki, Finland), Ella Helena Koivisto (born 1924, September 27th, Juupajoki, Finland), and Aini Elsi Kyllikki (born 1928, December 18th, Orivesi, Finland).

  My grandfather's (Jalmari Vastamaa, on my mothers side) father's name is Immaanuel Vastamaa (born 1886, June 27th, Ruovesi, Finland). My grandfather's mother's name is Elda Maria Valkama (maiden name) (born 1891, June 24th, Ruovesi, Finland).

  My grandfather had 2 sisters and a brother, they are by maiden name: Fanny Johanna Vastamaa (born 1911, April 1st, Ruovesi, Finland), Aarne Nikolai Vastamaa (born 1912, November 16th, Ruovesi, Finland), and Ida Maria Vastamaa (born 1914, September 25th, died 1916, March 25th).

  Immaanuel Vastamaa's father's name is Matti Vastamaa (junior) (born 1853, Finland). Immaanuel's mother's name is Ida Maria Vastamaa (born 1863, Finland). Immaanuel had 13 brothers and sisters.

  Matti's (junior) father's name is Matti Vastamaa (senior) (born 1817, Finland) and his mother's name is Henrika Vastamaa (born 1826, Finland). Matti Vastamaa (senior) father's name is Kaapo Vastamaa (born 1777, July 22nd), and his mother's name is  Anna Vastamaa (born 1787, Finland).
"Darryl Learie"

1974 - (from left to right) My mother, Irenee Vastamaa, Me, Darryl Learie, and my father, Wayne Learie

Darryl Learie

1983 - (from left to right, back standing) my mother, Irenee Vastamaa, and her sisters Irmeli Vastamaa, Brigette Vastamaa, and kaija Vastamaa
(from left to right, second row) Me, Darryl Learie, My grandfather, Jalmari Vastamaa, My cousin, Carrie Armistead, and my grandmother, Tuovi Vastamaa
(front) my cousin, Stephane Romain Lefebvre

Darryl Learie

1992 - (from left to right, back) my mother, Irenee Vastamaa, me, Darryl Learie
(from left to right, front) my grandfather, Jalmari Vastamaa, my grandmother, Tuovi Vastamaa.

Darryl Learie

2003 - (from left to right) my father, Wayne Wellington Learie, my daughter, Raven Ashely Lapatak, and me, Darryl Learie

Immaanuel Vastamaa

1953 - Immaanuel Vastamaa

Helmi Matilda Koivisto (Yliniemi)

1926 - Helmi Matilda Yliniemi (Koivisto by marriage)

  Without a doubt family history gets very complex. Through submitting my DNA through 23andme I found out my paternal and maternal haplogroup, and that I have 881 relatives who share part of my DNA. Haplogroups are genetic mutations that occur on the sex chromosomes (mutations occur every few hundreds to thousand years), thus those who share my inherited haplogroup share the same distant ancestor. My paternal haplogroup inherited from my father (along the Y chromosome), Wayne Wellington Learie is R1a1a. My maternal haplogroup inherited from my mother (along the X chromosome) is J2a1a.

                                   YouTube video of my DNA relatives found through 23andme

Genealogy / DNA Files

My mother's father's family tree - Jalmari Vastamaa - 1991 (Official) / Tuovi Koivisto (small part)

My mother's mother's family tree - Tuovi Koivisto - 2013 (Official)

Darryl Learie / Raven Lapatak Family Tree - 2014 04 24 (".ged" file - download only)

Darryl Learie DNA Partial Genome - 2015 09 28 (source: 23andme)

Relative Finder - 881 Relatives found through DNA - 2016 03 07 (source: 23andme)

Ancestry Finder - 2015 11 09 (source: 23andme)


10 Newspaper articles on Homelessness, Crime and Mental Illness

10 Newspaper articles on homelessness, crime, and mental illness

  From 2005 09 14 to 2006 10 24, I worked as a columnist for a small street paper,"Our Voice." The writers made very little money while vendors (usually homeless people) sold the paper for extra monies. Our audience was around 6,000 people within the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada region.

  The paper focused on,'empowering the marginalized' often spreading awareness on the subject of homelessness, and other relevant social injustices.

  Although the following 10 articles are over a decade old, their content still remains worthwhile. Thankfully I was able to scan the following articles into PDF's, and share the links via my Google Drive. Simply click the link below the pictured article to read the article. And thank-you again for your interest. 

2005 09 14 - (mental illness) Lifelong Learning for survival

2005 11 11 - (Rememberence Day) Destiny may choose un-willing and fearful to become next Hero

2005 11 11 - (Edmonton - City of Champions) Are you a champion?

2005 12 16 - (Homelessness) True Champions Found within our city

2005 12 16 - (Social Injustice) Size of one's heart measured by others' perspectives

2006 01 26 - (Fictional Story - Homelessness) Earth or Mars, survival dependent on heart of many

2006 03 10 - (Life & Philosophy) Sorry there are no answers, only resolution, love and faith

2006 04 27 - (Horrible Teenage Crime) Crime and the Will Conley effect

2006 07 09 - Black Foot Donald crosses dimensions The Dance of man vs himself (part 1)

2006 10 24 - Destiny in motion The Dance of man vs himself (part 2)