Dear Ellen DeGeneres, I Have A Dream

Hello Ellen,

  My name is Darryl Learie, and I have a simple dream.  My dream is to present an anti-bullying speech on your show. I was severely bullied throughout high school, and consequently suffered the damaging psychological effects of being bullied long into my adult years. 

   Now I live on disability for depression, anxiety, and panic attacks (bullying had certainly played a rather large role in the development of my pathology). 

  Despite my life journey being paved with fear, self-doubt, confusion, and judgment (all those things which accompany mental illness) there remains a potential that sparks within me. That potential has led me to become: a Guinness World Record Holder, a" Ripley's Believe It or Not" record holder, and published in 2 books. 

  However, I have yearned for years for that moment to make a meaningful impact upon a part of this world. I want to have a stage with ears willing to listen to those thoughts, and concerns which burden my heart. For I believe I went through this life experience for a reason.

  And my story is just one of many shared on social media sites like YouTube and Blogger. But all I can offer is my own heartfelt sincerity, openness, and willingness to share my story. I believe I can present a speech which can inspire, educate, and promote more compassion among us all. 

   If I get this opportunity to speak to your audience, I would make the time available most meaningful and purposeful to this cause.


Work I have already done

('standing up for mental illness' blog in a YouTube video)

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