A meaningful rap about love - Darryl Learie

A meaningful rap about love...

                                          A meaningful rap about love (YouTube Video)

  While I was having coffee with my best friend, Mark I showed him a rap music video. He informed me that he thought rap was a pointless art form void of skill, and meaning. Later I took it upon myself to attempt to construct the most meaningful rap I could that would be filled with famous quotes of wisdom, and be purposeful.

  It was quite the challenge, I struggled to follow the rap format (which I believe is written in quatrains - 4 line versus), I could not remember if each line had one or two statements. I worked hard to rhyme the most famous quotes of wisdom while making the connection to my own ideology.

  I believe if one has an insatiable need to be creative and express one self - one ought to use their gift to spread a message that is either positive and/or productive. Anyways, here are the lyrics to my highly experimental meaningful rap song, I hope you like it.

The un-examined life - is not worth living,
knowledge speaks but wisdom listens,
Love one another, it's the gift the keeps on giving,
A  life lived for others - is the only life worth living,

Love what you love, but without love your life is nothing,
Thus the meaning of life is love, that's the message worth mentioning,
Imagine conflict, and pain, without empathy and compassion,
Anxiety and depression, it's those who love that bring resolution,

You got the power, you got got the power,
The power of love, the power to love, 

Do the right thing, it's not a left or right-wing thing,
It's the real thing, do the compassionate thing,
cause if you don't do the right thing, your life won't mean a thing,
So stop and think, and do the right thing,

Judgement, without care and concern,
Is wanting to attack and burn,
criticism that's not constructive, is simply destructive,
What would you choose, if you had to walk in another man's shoes,

You got the power, you got got the power,
The power of love, the power to love,

Relationships are full of complexity,
When it comes to love, they test our ideology,
What love looks like, What love feels like,
Trust leads to intimacy, love her like you love yourself is the way it's got to be,

We're all looking for love, All we need is love,
Everything we dream of, The reason we live is love, 
Why do we have to debate believing in God,
Can't we all agree on love,

You got the power, you got got the power,
The power of love, the power to love,

Life is finite, giving our life infinite meaning,
Do right, and stand for something,
A rebel without a cause is just another soul lost,
Are you a human doing, or a human being,

Be the change you want to see in others,
But it's got to start with loving one another,
Society is either everyone for themselves, or were all in this together,
Be passionate, but compassionate, and you'll be seen the world over,

You got the power, you got got the power,
The power of love, the power to love,

Darryl Learie


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