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3D - The Longest 3D Video on YouTube (in HD) - Making YouTube History

3D - The Longest 3D Video on YouTube (in HD)

The Longest 3D Video on YouTube (YouTube Video)

Darryl Learie
  The longest 3D video you will find on YouTube is
11:59:58 hours long, and it's my video, aptly
named,"The Longest 3D (HD) Video on YouTube -
11:59:58 hours - Darryl Learie." The video is just 2
seconds shorter than YouTube's 720 minute limit on

  The video itself is a MP4 (16.62 GB, 720 x 1280, 29 fps) and took 26 hours to convert and join the 90 clips that make up the compilation. It took another 8.5 hours for the entire piece to upload, and an additional 9.5 hours for YouTube to successfully process the video.

  The 90 clips range in date from 2013 01 08 to 2015 12 29. I took much time in carefully assorting the order of the clips from most to least interesting. That way the 12 hour video should be at least engaging in the beginning and hopefully hold one's attention span for a while.

  The whole 12 hour compilation is in side by side (stereo) format (required for YouTube's HTML5 3D player). The player plays the 12 hour compilation in color anaglyph which can be watched with a pair of red/cyan paper glasses.

  Aside from the technical, I ran into a lot of problems; my video converter would constantly malfunction at around 7 hours of converting and joining files together. So I had to download and run a batch processor,'Free Video Joiner' to do the same job. The Free Video Joiner actually lost 18 minutes of footage due to dropping frames to change the frame rate to a standard of 24 fps. And when I submitted the first video to YouTube it happen to contain copyrighted songs (played on the radio in a few scenes.) Because of the copyrighted material the first video was banned in 218 countries (including Canada, and the United States).

  So I had to delete the first upload, and start all over again. Of course during my second attempt I had to go through all 90 clips to find the copyrighted songs and silence them out with my video editor.

  Than when I ran the Free Video Joiner again, I worried that the program would add frames and the final MP4 would be longer than YouTube's allowance of 720 minutes. Or that the final MP4 would be corrupted.

  But it all worked out just fine, but the second attempt did test my patience, and was rather nerve wrecking.

  Anybody could have done what I did. But no one did. With YouTube's newly imposed limitation of 720 minutes I could no longer try to create the longest YouTube video. But I could create the longest 3D video on YouTube.

Darryl Learie
Darryl Learie in 3D
                                         Use cross-eyed method to see in 3D
                                                       Stare at the image while crossing your eyes until a 3rd 3D image appears between the 2 images.

Thank you for reading, Darryl Learie